Bartolomeo Ridolfi

Very little is known about his life and still today the most circumstantial informations of his activity of sculptor, stucco-worker and medallist come from Vite by G. Vasari. Ridolfi belonged to an original family of Bagnolo of Nogarole afterward settled in Verona. Date and place of his birth are not known.
Among 1530 and 1535 he was apprentice in Falconetto's workshop; in the '50 he operated especially in Vicenza (Iseppo Porto, Thiene and Chiericati palaces; villa Pojana ) and in villa Della Torre in Fumane (Verona). His last known operas date 1562, year in which he left Italy (with his son Ottaviano) to work into service of Poland king.
Maybe he died during the Polish stay, and surely before 1570.
However anti-classic, he frequently collaborated with architects like Sanmicheli and Palladio, realizing whimsical decorations in stucco: grotesque masks, original fire-places characterized by "monstrous" taste, ceilings decorations and probably portraits like bust of Bonifacio Pojana.

Busto B. Pojana


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