Giangiorgio Trissino

Giangiorgio Trissino dal Vello d'oro, born in Vicenza ( july 8 1478), was the most famous intellectual of Vicenza in the '500. Poet and philosopher, man of letters and diplomat of the Curia, humanist, expert of the art of war and keen on architecture, he had a troubled life, also for his attitude in favour of the Emperor.
He wrote comedies, tragedies as "Sofonisba" (the first modern tragedy) and the poem "L'Italia liberata dai Goti", an attempt of epic poetry revival. He actively took part in the debate about the italian language, backing up the idea of a common language mixing all the italian dialects, not only the tuscan.
In his villa (Cricoli)  was used to meet one of the most important Accademia of Vicenza. In his age certainly Trissino was one of the protagonists of the cultural life, though his presence in the city was not continuous. In fact, he frequently travelled, living in Rome, Padua and Venice; for a period he was banished because he was a supporter of the antivenetian politics of the emperor Massimiliano.
Trissino's name is linked to that of Andrea Palladio because he "discovered" the famous architect and took care of Palladio's "liberal" and humanistic education.
He died in Rome in 1550 and was buried in Sant'Agata in Suburra church.

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