Antonio Vassillacchi named Aliense

He was born in 1556 in the greek island of Milo. Come young in Venice, he enters Paolo Veronese's workshop, where he was soon magnetized by the dramatic lighting, by the powerful chiaroscuri of Tintoretto. Since 1584 to 1621 he was member of the Venetian painters Fraglia.
His artworks, connoted by "robusta fierezza e dominio pittoresco" , was in the middle of Counter-reformation age. Many paintings document Aliense's activity in Padova, Venezia, Salò, Perugia (where he paints ten large canvas for the church of S. Pietro).
In frescoes of Villa Emo in Montecchia and of Villa Barbarigo in Noventa Vicentina he partially returns to the Veronese's ways, especially in the coldest intonation of colors, even if the narration's rithm is rather extraneous to the severity, to the classical serenity of Veronese.
Aliense died on April 15 1629. .

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