Luca Ferrari named Luca from Reggio

He was born in Reggio Emilia February 16 1605; in 1627 he works in Ludovico Tiarini's workshop in Modena; in 1637 he was member of the "Fraglia pittorica" of Padova. His first stay in Padova was of ten years about (1634-1644), during those he approached Paolo Veronese's and Francesco Maffei's works and, at the same time, he introduced in Veneto the narrative taste, the accurate naturalism of the Emilian painting.
After some years spent in Reggio to complete the frescoes of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Ghiara (1643-1648) he returned to Padova: in 1650 he frescoed Villa Selvatico at Battaglia Terme, with episodes of the life of Antenore, and in the following years he painted seven panels in the ceiling of S. Tommaso Cantauriense's church in Padova with the Mysteries of the Rosary.
Luca Ferrari died in 1654.
Able decorator with a strong narrative vein and with an almost venetian palette, he is considered the most significant witness of the links between Venetian and Emilian painting during '600.



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